Extensive peritoneal lavage with saline after curative gastrectomy for gastric cancer (EXPEL): a multicentre randomised controlled trial.

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Omental adipocytes promote peritoneal metastasis of gastric cancer through the CXCL2-VEGFA axis.
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Detection of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Omental Adipose Tissue from Patients with Diffuse-Gastric Cancer: A Pilot Study.
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Bidirectional chemotherapy combining intraperitoneal docetaxel with intravenous 5-fluorouracil and oxaliplatin for patients with unresectable peritoneal metastasis from gastric cancer: the first study in Western countries.
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Cytoreductive Surgery With or Without Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Gastric Cancer With Peritoneal Metastases (CYTO-CHIP study): A Propensity Score Analysis.
Bonnot PE, Piessen G, Kepenekian V, Decullier E, Pocard M, Meunier B, Bereder JM, Abboud K, Marchal F, Quenet F, Goere D, Msika S, Arvieux C, Pirro N, Wernert R, Rat P, Gagnière J, Lefevre JH, Courvoisier T, Kianmanesh R, Vaudoyer D, Rivoire M, Meeus P, Passot G, Glehen O; FREGAT and BIG-RENAPE Networks.
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Prospective, randomized, multicenter, phase III study of fluorouracil, leucovorin, and irinotecan versus epirubicin, cisplatin, and capecitabine in advanced gastric adenocarcinoma: a French intergroup (Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive, Fédération Nationale des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer, and Groupe Coopérateur Multidisciplinaire en Oncologie) study.
Guimbaud R, Louvet C, Ries P, Ychou M, Maillard E, André T, Gornet JM, Aparicio T, Nguyen S, Azzedine A, Etienne PL, Boucher E, Rebischung C, Hammel P, Rougier P, Bedenne L, Bouché O.
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