Innovation thérapeutique

Icodextrin as anti-adherence molecule affects cancer cells attachment to the fibrin deposits on the peritoneum surface. Aldybiat I, Mirshahi S, Soria J, Pocard M, Mirshahi M.

Mesenchymal Stromal cell derived Extra cellular vesicles (Evs) biological vectorization of photodynamic therapy in peritoneal metastasis. Pinto A, Marangon I, Méreaux J, Nicolás-Boluda A, Lavieu G, Wilhelm C, Sarda-Mantel L, Silva AKA, Pocard M, Gazeau F.

Strategies to prevent peritoneal carcinomatosis formation Pr. M. Pocard 

Individualized treatment for ovarian disease control using PIPAC as neo adjuvant treatment. Pr. M. Pocard 

Targeting the differentiation of gastric cancer cells (KATO-III) dowregulates epithelial-mesenchymal and cancer stem cell markers. Shahid Shah, Marc Pocard and Massoud Mirshahi 

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